Our Story

Khawabi Soap welcomes you to 90 years of history. We produce handcrafted and 100% natural soap bars that tells you the story of 3 generations.

90 years of know-how

Nestled in the beautiful old town of Saida, south Lebanon, our story dates back to the year 1930 when Ibrahim Abboud founded Khawabi Soap. What began as an olive oil mill has been transformed into a soap atelier that holds many secrets and stories within its ancient arcades.

Our brand name was inspired by the « khawabi » themselves, the traditional clay containers that store olive oil. They date back to the 18th century and were one of the first methods to cool and preserve recently pressed olive oil.

100% Handmade

For over 90 years, tradition and time-honored soap-making techniques have inspired our company. Benefitting from the know-how and experience we have accrued over three generations, each one of our soaps is 100% handmade. From saponification to cutting, curing, stamping, and packaging, our entire manufacturing process is artisanal.

Natural Ingredients

Crafted using exclusively high quality natural ingredients, our bar soaps are free of parabens and other potentially harmful chemicals. The glycerin present in our soaps acts as a natural emollient and makes Khawabi products more gentle to skin than commercial alternatives.

Essential oils enrich our bar soaps with natural aromas through which our bath becomes not just a hygienic necessity, but a pleasurable one.

Meet the team

Zahia Abboud

Inspired by her love for chemistry and the wonders of nature, Zahia strives to bring her grandfather’s legacy to the next level through unique soap recipes by utilizing modern twists to traditional soap making. She is the symbol of our passion for both tradition and modernity.

Marwa Eid

With her passion for photography and her unique creativity, Marwa has helped showcase the beauty of her great-grandfather’s legacy and the Khawabi brand through her knack for storytelling. Her core mission is to share her family story and love for Lebanon her way.

Antoine Soula

Antoine fell in love with Lebanon and Khawabi Abboud’s soaps the first time he visited Lebanon in 2016. Today, he leads our operations team and is ensuring the company’s growth beyond Lebanon’s borders.

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