Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired our brand name and identity was the khawabi itself. “Khawabi”, plural for khabia is the traditional container that stores freshly pressed olive oil for long periods of time. It dates back to the 18th century and was one of the very first methods to cool and store recently pressed olive oil.

Yes they are. Eventhough the saponification process to make soap requires NaOH, this latter disappear entirely after the soaps’ curing preiod. When using our soaps you can be assured that your experience will be 100% natural.

Yes; and in addition to being biodegradable our soaps don’t require any chemical additions aside from the sodium hydroxide which completely reacts with the olive oil. Our production process produces no waste at all and uses a minimal quantity of water that will be evaporated during the curing phase.

Khawabi is proud to be Cruelty Free.

We are strictly against animal testing, and do not test any ingredients or products on animals, nor do we hire outside companies to do so for us at any stage in production.

No they don’t. We do not use any products provided from animals. we however use honey in one of our formulation so we cannot claim that we are 100% vegan soaps although apart from honey we only use planet friendly ingredients.

Yes they are. We do not aim to reduce our production costs. We strive at providing our customers with the best possible ingredients. That is why we only use environmentally friendly oils such as Coconut oils, Olive oils, Laurel oils which provide amazing benefits to your skin and more importantly do not endanger any species or the world’s most precious forests.

Our soaps have a pH between 9 and 10 depending on the season and the area where the olives were grown. While this is its normal range, it does not mean that a non-neutral pH will unbalance your skin’s. What unbalances your epidermis are the additives you see in synthetic soaps that stick to your skin to block your pores. When you use a natural soap, you will notice how gentle it feels and how easily the foam rinses off without the need for excessive rubbing.

From olive to soap it take around 4 to 5 months depending on the season. Our soap starts in a large mixer in which cold saponification takes place. Then the soap is dried for a month, then milled into chips. In the month that follows the chips are turned manually to aerate them properly for a whole month. Then milling is done again to obtain finer grades which are again aerated for another full month. At this point, on the third month, the essential oils are added, the chips and oils are mixed for 24 hours to obtain a paste which is pressed into the bars you’re holding. Then curing for another 2-4 weeks, and we’re ready to ship.

Saponification is the chemical reaction that occurs when a fatty acid and a base are mixed in the presence of water. This complete and reversible reaction yields a solid soap. When it occurs in the absence of heat, the reaction takes months to complete. With the presence of heat, the reaction takes a couple hours but at the expense of altering the olive molecules and losing their benefits to the skin.

Curing takes place in our cellars where soap undergoes two developments. The first is the loss of excess water which yields a denser soap. This densification attributes to the soap its longevity. The second is the carryover of the saponification reaction until all the sodium hydroxide is consumed. At ambient temperatures, the reaction is slow requiring a couple months depending on the ambient temperature and humidity.

In between washes store your soap in a dry place. For extended periods of time store it in a cool dry place away from UV light. In theory, soaps don’t have an expiration date. The only transformation that might occur after 7-8 years is the extreme loss of water and maybe its lather properties. Once rehydrated a couple times the soap should regain its properties and perform as intended.

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